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Coloured cement strengthened by marble or glass chips
Resistance and durability !

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Granito tiles MOSAIC DEL SUR ®

Pigmented cement, marble chips or glass;
creative and resistant.

The granito tile or ‘terrazzo’ finish is a very resistant flooring material that has been derived from the traditional encaustic cement tile.
Marble chips and tainted glass reinforce the top layer of the tile. This allows for abrasive polishing to level the tiles once laid, or to restore aged and damaged floors back to their original beauty.
Most of the patterns and designs of cement tiles can be reproduced in granito in the standard size 20x20cm, 30x30cm and exclusive to granito 40x40cm. There are also hexagonal tiles available.
The granito or ‘terrazzo with small chips’ is poured into a mould with a metal divider and hydraulically pressed. It then takes a couple of weeks for the product to dry and harden completely.

The last stage is factory polishing, unveiling the individual beauty of the pigmented cement, marble and glass mix pattern.
The laying of granito tiles is simple, the floor can de polished afterwards to equalize and level the whole surface. The maintenance is similar to the one of marble and cement tiles.