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Technical features:
Possible dimensions: 20x20 and 40x40cm
Floor tiles: 18 mm to 30 mm
Wear layer: 3 to 5 mm

Granito tiles
Colours, composition, manufacturing

Decorative tiles made of cement and marble chips. Creative and resistant for walls and floors. Interior and exterior decoration.

Mosaic del Sur ® granito tiles, patterned or plain tiles, are made with 32 colours. The cement is coloured by primarily inorganic pigments, iron oxides (red, yellow and black), chromium (green) and cobalt (blue). These natural pigments have been used since ancient times and offer the best guarantee of quality, durability and safety.

Finely calibrated marble chips strengthen the mix of cement, increasing the resistance to abrasion and impact. This marble aggregate in the wear layer (3-5mm thick) allows a polishing after installation to level the floor, or just to restore aged floor.
Cement and marble chips   Casting mixtures
......   Once removed from mould
After polishing   Patterned granito floor