32 Granito colours

Coloured cement strengthened by marble or glass chips
Resistance and durability!

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Granito tiles - Colours, composition and production

Decorative tiles made out of cement, marble chips or glass. Creative, sophisticated and resistant tiles for floors and walls that can be laid in private properties or commercial spaces.
The Mosaic del Sur granito tiles come in 32 colours. The cement is pigmented by inorganic colouring, iron oxide (red, yellow and black), chrome (green) and cobalt (blue). These natural pigments have been used since ancient times and offer the best guarantee of quality, durability and safety. Finely calibrated marble grains or glass chips reinforce the cement mix, increasing the resistance to abrasion and impact. These granules in the wear layer, with a thickness of 3 to 5 mm, allow for polishing after installation, for leveling or restoration.

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