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Granito tiles MOSAIC DEL SUR ®

Patterned cement tiles with marble chips
Creative and resistant for interior and exterior decoration.

Cement tiles from the early twentieth century were often Granito, reinforced by fine marble chips. The pigmented cement mix and the coloured marble offer a decorative versatility, resistance to abrasion and impact. This kind of tile is also called granito. When the ground starts deteriorating or ageing, granito tiles allow a complete restoration by polishing.

The Mosaic del Sur ® granito tiles can be customised by combining , a variety of patterns and 32 colours (cement mix and marble aggregates). Granito patterns or plain tiles can be made from 20x20 cm and 40x40 cm.

The manufacturing process to manufacture Granito tiles is the same as cement tiles: traditional and manual. The last step is polishing the tiles which unveils the beauty of the marble and pigmented cement mix.

The granito cement tile installation is simple, similar to the one of ceramic, stoneware or marble tiles. Once the tiles have been laid and grouted, the floor can be finely polished levelling the whole surface. The final aspect of granito tiles is shiny or satin. The Maintenance required is similar to the one of marble.

The Mosaic Del Sur ® granito tile is a modern decor inspired by Art Deco of the 40’s.