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Granito tiles installation • Installation on a well levelled concrete slab.
• Usual cement adhesive. Apply on the floor and on the back of the tile to fully seat the paving.
• Thin joint (1-2mm) filled with a very liquid cement grout.
• The cement grout can be tainted with the condition that subsequent polishing is expected. Polishing will remove a thin layer by levelling the surface.
Finishing and protection of granito tiles • To protect tiles, once they are installed, levelled, cleaned and dry, the «Mosaic Sealer», must be applied. Beware of not applying in excess, the Mosaic Sealer must completely penetrate tiles and not stay on the surface.
• If the look of the floor is not satisfactory after installation, cleaning/polishing with a mechanical scrubber, a ‘Scotch Brite’ disc and water will remove spots and small imperfections.

You do not need to hire a specialized company as this tool is available for rent. When the floor is dry, apply the Mosaic Sealer to waterproof the tiles.
• For heavy use floors, crystallization is recommended (hardness and stain resistance). The process is similar to the one of marble and granito. Consult a specialist.
Mosaic Sealer is water and oil repellent
Apply on dry floor, penetrates fully into the tile. Never use in excess.

If the tiles are not properly installed or levelled, granito tiles can be polished. The wear layer is 5 to 6 mm on 20x20 tiles, and thicker on 40 tiles. This polishing is similar to the one of marble or granito - with abrasive stone or hard fibre/diamond, and plenty of water. Consult a specialist. Maintenance and cleaning of granito tiles • Granito tiles are to be cleaned and maintained only with neutral PH soap. Just like traditional cement tiles- without marble aggregate- marble floors, natural stone or granito. We can provide you with the « Mosaic Sealer ». The neutral PH soap allows to clean the tiles and maintain them sealed.
• Avoid any strong detergents, acids or alkalis as they would irreparably damage the tiles.
• A damaged, stained or aged granite floor can regain its original splendour by polishing - removing a thin layer of its surface.

Mechanical scrubber Fibre discs ‘Scotch Brite’